David Schroeder Music

Bassist / Producer / Teacher



Imagine a world without Music!

Playing a musical instrument:

Relieves stress

Makes you smarter

Helps build confidence

Teaches patience

Improves memory

Develops discipline

Gives you a sense of achievement


David shares his expertise, knowledge and love of music through his teaching music. Music lessons are available for young children, teens, and adults. He teaches piano, guitar, and bass. It's David’s goal as an instructor to make learning fun and applicable to daily life because he believes that learning music is an essential part of becoming a well-rounded person. It doesn’t have to be your profession, but it will benefit in other school-related studies and life. If you are interested in private lessons on piano, guitar, or bass, you can contact David via text 678-429-2969, email Music.davids@gmail.com, or the contact form on the CONTACT page of this website.

"Music comes from the heart and seeks to restore our inner harmony.  It expresses neither images or concepts, but only moods and feelings and it can sensitize the soul." - S.R. Hirsch